For 54 years at the service of our customers, always at the top in the market and molding of plastic materials



PLASTIROMA SRL was founded in 1960 by Eng. Guglielmo Federici.


In 1966, GIORGIO CHERICI took over the company and took over the management. The company began its activity in the headquarters in Via Salaria in Rome.


Since the beginning, PLASTIROMA's activity was addressed to the most varied industrial sectors.


Over the years, the company consolidated with the acquisition of large customers and then specialized in the production of technical articles for the transport and railway signalling sector.


It is no coincidence that RFI (Italian Railway Network Spa) is one of our major customers.


In 1972 it moved its headquarters to Via Tiburtina, Rome, continuing its activity with the professionalism and dedication that have always contradicted it.



Today it can count on a staff of 24 specialized employees who work on an area of about 1800 square meters, in the new plant of Guidonia Montecelio.


Our company has been present in the plastics processing sector for more than fifty years and is equipped for the PRINTING of THERMOPLASTIC and THERMOINDURING materials with high technological content, on behalf of third parties. We realize articles of any kind and in particular technical ones, from a few grams of weight up to a maximum of 9kg.


You can contact us for PRINT DESIGN and CONSTRUCTION, QUICK PROTOTYPING and also for other complementary processes such as assembly, welding, gluing and screen printing.


The role profiles and the COMPETENCE OF THE PERSONNEL, both technical and administrative, have been rigorously defined according to the criticality of the technical and qualitative characteristics of the processing offered in the market sector to which Plastiroma srl is addressed.





54 Years of Experience

Quality Assurance



In order to better meet the increasing needs of our clients, we have developed a development program that has led to the certification of our corporate quality system according to ISO 9001, by the RINA accredited certification body ACCREDIA. RINA is a member of CISQ (Italian Quality System Certification) and adheres to the international agreement IQNet. By virtue of the certification obtained by a member body of CISQ, Plastiroma srl avails itself of the IQNet CERTIFICATE (International Quality System Assessment and Certification Network), which is the largest network for the certification of company management systems. The certificate is issued at the same time as the RINA certificate. The general application of the principles dictated by the above-mentioned ISO 9001 standard, guarantees that our processes are organized, controlled and able to manage the entire life cycle of the supply object of the order/contract, from the acquisition of materials to the delivery to the Customer. This management model has made Plastiroma srl a reference point in its field of activity. 

Plastiroma srl respects the environment! We have a 100 kw photovoltaic system. 
70% of the energy consumed for our business is derived from solar energy.




The mission of Plastiroma is to support customers to achieve success in achieving their goals. Plastiroma is therefore committed to guarantee the improvement and efficiency of the services rendered, obtaining better and better results both from an economic point of view and in terms of satisfying Customers' needs in terms of Quality, reliability, safety and punctuality.


Plastiroma therefore proposes to continue along the path of quality improvement, with the aim of expanding its range of products and services, in order to meet the growing demands of customers.


Plastiroma has determined the external and internal factors that are relevant to its strategic aims and guidelines and that influence its ability to achieve the expected results for its Quality Management System. This evaluation is present in specific documented information, updated at least annually or to changes in the factors analyzed.


This analysis leads to the consequent evaluation of risks/opportunities and possible mitigation actions.


The Plastiroma finalizes the efforts of all the staff to a careful management of quality issues. In particular this must be pursued in relation to the following strategic objectives:


- identify the Customer's needs and expectations, convert them into requirements and comply with them;


- to activate communication tools inside and outside Plastiroma to organize an effective information flow between the company, customers and suppliers to ensure that their needs are known and understood among all those who contribute to the realization of the products.


- to improve the efficiency of processes;


- to activate an adequate self-control system of the Quality Management System that allows to measure activities, neutralize problems and provide the Management with suitable elements to perform reviews;


- prevent non-conformities instead of acting for their elimination a posteriori;


- to maintain the safety and comfort of working environments and the implementation of measures for the prevention of accidents;


In order to achieve these objectives Plastiroma must involve in its quality policy all employees at any level and suppliers and apply documented systems, training, communication and audit actions, and suitable methods to define appropriate corrective and preventive measures.


In this perspective Plastiroma must maintain and update its Quality Management System in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, constantly improve it and guarantee adequate information about the Quality Policy towards its Customers, Suppliers, Institutions.



Plastiroma srl
Via Palombarese Km 19.100
00012, Guidonia Montecelio (RM)

Tel: +39 0774 367431/32
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To reach us: 

exit n° 12 of the Grande Raccordo Anulare in the direction of "Centrale del Latte". Continue until the traffic circle and continue along via Palombarese/Palombara. At the second traffic circle, continue on Via Palombarese in the direction of Palombara. After the Emmepiù supermarket, first street on the right.