Telecamera WiFi DearHome

Telecamera WiFi DearHome


WIFI recessed camera


The DearHome alarm and video surveillance system turns out to be the first ever to be inserted and integrated


into the common fruit holders already installed in the electrical system of any type of home, turns out to be


compatible with most existing fruit models on the market.


The technology of the innovative DearHome alarm and video surveillance system allows you to have total control


total of your home from anywhere in the world directly on your smartphone.


The WIFI module is integrated with the camera and therefore its use does not require the installation of additional cables


(coaxial) cables connected to decoders or similar recording/display devices. The DearHome product does not require


also no alternative configuration to one's home router since the system it supports is of the "Plug & Play" type.


DearHome enters the market as a state-of-the-art system that can be applied to any home without involving


the execution of any masonry work. The use of the DearHome system does not require any kind of modification to the common


existing electrical system, but integrates seamlessly with it in a practical and intuitive manner.

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